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    1/4 ss from divorce at 64?

      I was told that I can collect 1/4 of my ex ss payment at age 64.
      I would then collect my own at 66.
      Nowhere on the ss website does it state this.
      Anyone know about this?
        • Re: 1/4 ss from divorce at 64?
          Depends how old you ex is, because if you collect based on his benefit (You have to have been married to him for I believe at least ten years), then when he dies, you get the entire benefit.  

          On the other hand you can let Social Security figure out which is more advantageous to you, collect on your own record, or collect half of what your ex would get at age 65.

          at age 64, you would lose about 7% of the benefit as opposed to waiting until age 65.