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    Here's the math - how much will my wife get?

      Ok, here's  a puzzle - my wife is 13 years older than me and has never worked.   I know she's entitled to get a separate SS benefits equivalent to 50% of my benefits, when I collect SS benefits 
      If I retire at 67, my full retirement benefit is around $2,300.  At 70, my full benefit is around $3,200.
      Now if I retire early and  take SS benefits at 62, I will get only $1,600.   However, when I turn 62, my wife will already be 75 years old.  
      Will she only get 50% of $1600 because I retired early,  or will she get 50% of $3,200 (my retirement benefit at 70 yrs old)  because she's 75 years old when she collects? 
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          By the way, I asked this question, because ...

          If my wife was younger than me.  Let's say I am 67 and I collect full SS benefits, and my wife is 62 -  SS rules say my wife will not get the full SS benefits because she's only 62 and not at full retirement age. 
          So,  if I retire at 62,  and she's already 75 years old - won't she be entitled to my retirement rate at  70 years old ?