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    Do I have SSS Surivivor Benefits if my wife pass away ?

      Ok, here's a question. 
      My  wife has never worked and has been a housewife, taking care
      of the house, cooking for me, etc. 
      When I retire,  I know that she is entitled to get 50% of the amount of my SS benefits, separate from the full amount I am getting.
      So, my question is - my wife is 13 years older than me, if she pass away,  do I have survivor benefits to get the 50% that's hers ?
      I know that if I pass away first, she as my widow is entitled to my benefits, but I'm the one contributing to SS.   But am I entitled to get hers?  In short,  will I get the 150%  (100% mine + 50% my wife ) ?
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          If she hasn't worked she gets part of the SS YOU earned. If can be up to 50% of YOUR benefit depending on when how old each of your are when you take it. As all retirement law, SS is complex and I find questions best answered in the SS office. I am not that clear on when your wife can take her SS as part of your benefit or whether it is dependent only on her age and independent of when you take it. Ask the SS people.