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    They Got 2012 Right. What About 2013?


      They Got 2012 Right. What About 2013?

      from columnist James Stewart, NY Times January 11, 2013


      (Excerpted)…..My annual survey suggests that investment experts are cautiously upbeat about the economy and the stock market (but not bonds) for 2013, even though they acknowledge that political dysfunction in Washington poses risks. The tax deal may have upset Tea Party Republicans looking for big cuts in entitlement spending and liberals demanding even bigger tax increases on the wealthy. But investors seem to be taking the long view that the warring factions did in the end reach a deal, and it amounts to a $4 trillion stimulus compared with what would have happened if Congress had done nothing. Stimulus may be a bad word in Washington, but many investors seem to believe that continued deficit spending and only a modest tax increase will be good for the economy and corporate profits, at least this year.


      The experts I consulted a year ago — Bill Miller for stocks, Bill Gross for bonds and Karl E. Case for real estate — proved accurate in their predictions for 2012. So I asked them for a return engagement.


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      Full article at: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/12/business/economic-experts-give-predictions-for-2013.html

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          Be very careful when investing your hard-earned cash on the word of these "experts".  Sure the stock and bond markets did OK last year.  But what happened to stocks in 2008?  And what happened to Pimco in 2011?  All of the financial Gurus get it right some of the time (it's called "flipping the coin").
          Beware, Grasshopper, beware!
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