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    Good experience with Social Security!

      I am surprised and pleased to report that I had no difficulty signing up for Social Security. No hassles at all!Insert theecstaticemoticon.
      I applied online with no trouble. I checked my application status online 5 days later and found that my application had already been approved. I received the official letter 3 days later. I had a few questions so I called the 800 number (I was dreading that one!) and the computer offered me a choice of holding for 10 minutes or having an SS rep call me back in 10 minutes. Feeling cocky, I chose the latter. Believe it or not, a rep did call me back in 10 minutes and answered my questions.

      I am very impressed with the modernization and streamlining of this formerly stressful rite of passage. Good for them! 
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          I'll second that.  I have applied only for Medicare so far but the dealings with the SS administration have been very smooth.  It's as if I'm dealing with a sophisticated, well thought out system. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.
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            I too recently had a good experience when applying for Social Security. Because my situation is a little complicated I felt I needed to go to the nearest office  which is about 30 miles from my house.  I called and made an appointment which was made for the following week.  There was a room full of people with numbered tickets in hand when I arrived, but I was called in at my appointed time.  I was certainly glad I had made an appointment. The rep was knowledgeable and extremely helpful in explaining my options (widows benefit or regular retirement SS).  It was a painless procedure!
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              My experience in applying for social security and a year later lowering the amount of federal income tax to be witheld was very positive.  I am impressed with this branch of our government. 
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                I am pleased to see this feedback because I retired from The Social  Security Administration after 34 years there, and after a part-time teaching "career."
                Often folks have negative experiences, but in the case of Social Security I discovered that most often there were misunderstandings of the program because folks tend to get their information from the "street" or "over the back fence." I always advise folks to seek the proper information from the appropriate source. In this case, it is www.socialsecurity.gov. To clarify an issue, one may use the phone 1-800-772-1213, but timing the call when it's not as busy will shorten the wait.

                It is distressing to hear all the negativity regarding federal employees. Certain politicians are recently using this tactic to further their agendas. Do not listen to gossip. Go to the proper source for information, understand it or clarify it,  and base your opinion on your own experience.