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    All in TIAA or Mixed with Brokerages

      Currently I have two thirds of my retirement funds in TIAA and the other third with Edward Jones.  I'm considering moving the Jones funds to TIAA in IRAs but wonder if I'm better off having assets split between two or more managers.  One company would be simpler to manage for income planning and diversification but the lack of readily available and consistent face to face contacts makes TIAA more intimidating for my spouse.  Does anyone else have any thoughts on this dilemma? 
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          I worked a few places after I left the one that provided TIAA-CREF. I also had Roth and classic IRA's. I finally decided to consolidate them all at TC. These are all retirement accounts, not brokerage accounts. I also did a 10 year payout annuity to get out of TIAA Traditional since I had no interest in creating annhities. The reasons: ease of managing, good investment choices, small number of choices (got tired of evaluating 15,000 choices mututal fund choices), TC customer service.  
          Some of the reasons I consolidated.