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    Do I switch to medicare

      Presently I use a lot of perscription meds. My company medical plan costs me $400/mo. In addition I have an additional $6000 in copay costs for drugs and a $250 deductable for blood work emergency room etc. How and where can I compare these costs to what a medicare ABCD plan would cost?
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          Before you switch to medicare, make sure your doctor accepts medicare and is young enough so would not retire soon.  It is easy to change primary care doctor if you have health insurance most doctor accept.  Have medicare as primary health insurance and try to find a doctor accept new medicare patient is not easy.

          My doctor suddenly decided to retire last November.  For months, I was on line searching doctors and made many phone calls, but could not find a Internal medicine doctor who accepts new medicare patient.  I found my primary care doctor in April, with help of my daughter, a Radiologist.

          I have medicare A and supplement plan F, which has no copay and very good coverage, these two together is about $260/mo.  The drug plan is $45/mo. I like what I have. 

          Everyone's situation is so different, and drug coverage is so complicated with multiple tiers, and it changes every year.  You may ask AARP to mail you the detailed information about the coverage, so you can compare.  Good Luck!
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            At age 65 you must register for Medicare.  If you are working your employer's medical plan acts as coverage for what medicare might not cover ( for example prescriptions), so if the employer plan is adequate stay in it.  If you are retired or will retire shortly Medicare A is not fully sufficient and you will need a prescription drug plan and a supplemental medical insurance plan. If your employer provides retirement medical benefits and you are satisifed with the coverage opt to receive coverage in retirement along with Medicare. If you can swing it get dental insurance in retirement too.

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              A good place to find costs in your exact area is the Medicare site: http://www.medicare.gov/find-a-plan/questions/medigap-home.aspx
              It is work, but you need to do it, especially if you have preexisting conditions. Let me explain. Once you make your Medicare/supplemental choices, you will be subject to underwriting review after the allowed period for changes. Do not treat your initial choices lightly because you can be stuck with them due to future underwriting denials.
              Specific Part D drug programs can be investigated for the best coverage of your specific drug requirements. Part D can be changed annually as I understand, but you are stuck with that choice for the current year. At least that seems to be my situation after a medical condition appeared right after my 2012 choice. I'll have some drug costs due to that minimal coverage choice.