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    Run around from Medicare HMO plans

      I am 62 and am beginning to start a plan for expenses for 65. I know that Part B Medicare is taken out of my SS check. Every time I call an HMO to inquire about their retirement plans I am referred to actual purchasing etc. of their plans, before they will give me the numbers I had requested. I merely am curious how much these plans cost per month ( so I may plan ) and I am not getting proper answers from these companies.  
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          On the medicare site on the web you can see all the plans available in your area, what they offer and how much, if anything, they cost.
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            You should look into getting an insurance broker.  He will look at all plans based on your needs and provide a selection of supplemental carriers ...all at no cosst to you.
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              I assume you're talking about the Medicare Advantage plans as opposed to Original Medicare.  These are more complex as most of them combine a Part D drug plan in with the HMO plan for the rest of your Medicare coverages.  Premiums vary more widely due to different deductible and copay structures between plans and companies.  In some plans, you may be limited to certain providers or penalties for using providers outside of your plan.  If you use original Medicare and purchase an "F" type supplemental coverage, your costs are pretty well covered in full with the premium for Part B and the premium for the supplemental plan (also called Medigap plans) In my case, I pay $140 for my supplemental in addition to $99 for Part B.  My Part D premium is $71 but I do have drug deductibles and copays. 
              This doesn't cover all the scenarios but you can dig deeper to see which direction is best for you depending on your resources, your health, and your travel plans
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                  I participate in Freedom Health, a medicare advantage plan offered in Florida.  This plan returns $94.10 deducted from social security and offers no charge primary care physician visits; $25 copay for specialists.  The drug plan does not cost me extra and I receive my blood pressure and atrial fib drugs which are generics at no charge.
                  I have high regard for the group of doctors who are behind this plan and am pleased with this service.  When my wife retires, I will recommend it to her, too.
                  If my health was such that I needed a lot of name brand drugs and was liable to spend time in surgury/hospital confinement, I would look around for alternatives.
                  Jerry Clevenger