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    Is Medicare tied to Social Security?

      My sister is a school teacher in Kentucky.  Here K-12 teachers do not pay into social security, therefore they will not receive those benefits in their retirement.  I was wondering if she would also not qualify for Medicare because of that.
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          Medicare is administered by SocSecurity but is a separate organization.
          Both are paid for by payroll taxes, either deducted automatically by employers or paid separately by workers (contract workers, for example).
          You can work for a company that does not participate in SocSecurity but STILL be required to pay Medicare taxes (1.45%). It will show it on your paycheck stub.
          Eligibility is the same for both - 40 quarters of 'pay in'. Claimant age remains 65 for Medicare, but is graduated for SocSec. This may change, if Congress changes the laws.
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            To amplify the helpful response from jkom51 below, eligibility for Medicare can be determined by whether or not payroll taxes are withheld for Medicare. It is often the case with non-Social Security contributing employers that they also do not facilitate payment into Medicare. This is a serious problem for many in the teaching profession and academia. Some opt for post-retirement jobs that will allow them to complete 40 quarters of Medicare contributions in order to attain eligibility. Others opt to pay for Medicare or another health care plan on a monthly basis after retirement. It is expensive.