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    Portfolio Advisor Program

      I just receved a mailing from TIAA/CREF about their "Portfolio Advisor Program".  It didin't get into the details too much, they suggested calling them.  I guess I'm a skeptic at heart and am wondering if anybody knows anything about this program, including the fees.
      Thanks in advance for any information you may provide.
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          TC web site says:

          "Through the Portfolio Advisor program, clients work with a Wealth Management Advisor" then goes on to talk about those with over $50,000. Seems like a contradiction in that I always thought that having a WMA requires at least $500,000 in accounts.
          I have had several paid advisers (not TC) and finally decided that nobody cares more about my money than I do and took over management.Saved quite a bit of money and the losses are now my fault but there have been few or none.
          Just my thoughts.