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    Social Security Earnings Limit

       Per Social Security Web site, a beneficiary close to retirement can earn up to $38,880 in 2012 without having to give back $1 out of every $3 earned in the months prior to reaching "full retirement age" .  However, when I visited the local SS office, the rep that met with me either did not understand the law or was reluctant to take the trouble to input the needed data into the system and kept going round in circles, trying to convience me that I shouild wait until "full retirement" and receive a larger benefit.  I left the SS office angry,  called SS toll-free number and asked to see a more seasoned SS rep - I have an appt later this week and expect a better outcome.
      Did anyone else reaching full retirement age this year have a similar experience?
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          Unfortunately this is the type of answer / service we can expect from those who have guaranteed "employment for life" from the federal government.  They don't have to answer correctly, because there are no consequences for their not doing so.  Plus, they earn lifetime retirement and health care on top of providing shoddy service and incorrect information.  Gosh, how much better does it get??
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              I'm pretty sure the the $38,880 applies only in the year of your"normal retirement age"  (66 if you're close to that age now, older if you aren't).  Prior to that it quite a bit lower (in the teens, I believe) and after that there is no limit.
              On the topic of the SS worker, I agree that it's frustrating, and I'm planning on spending a few dollars on a professional who knows what they're talking about (probably more than 'a few dollars"Insert thefrowningemoticon.).  It's just too much money over the years to rely in someone who doesn't seem to care.