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    Collecting on disabled spouse SS

      I am planning to retire at 62.  My spouse who is 3 years younger recieves SSDI for a permanent disability.  When I reach 62 can I apply for spousal benefits and leave my SS until I turn 66?  
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          I am 64 and still working.  I had planned to retire when I turned 62, but my spouse became permanently disabled 8 years ago and that changed my entire retirement plan.   My medical insurance, through my employer, has been excellent in helping pay the brunt of the medical bills and we haven't had to use Medicare.  I did go to the Social Security office within three months of his illness at the advice of our friend and former pastor.  The people at the SS office were very courteous and helpful in that they helped me fill out all the paperwork for SSDI.  It took exactly three months from start to finish until his first disability check came.   I now plan to retire when I am 66.
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            I too have been wondering the same thing and have not been able to find an answer. My situation is very similar to yours. Hopefully someone will be able to answer this question for both of us!