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    New on Ideashare: keeping expenses low

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      New question  on Ideashare: What tips can you offer others in or approaching retirement to  help keep living expenses low?
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          These are some tips I picked up along the way:
          1. Using coupons from newspaper, magazine for grocery shopping and or toiletries.
          2. Coupon exchange with friends, family or neighbor
          3. look for specials from the grocery store(s)
          4. Try to shop in neighborhood stores if possible to save on gas
          5. Keep chart on anticipated household items
          6. Sign up on budget plan for utilities gas, light etc, turn off appliances and lights that are not being used.
          7. Eat home more than outside
          8. Cut down on cable bill by using CDs for movies from Netflix, Redbox or other
          9. Find time to read more and spend with spouse or significant other
          10. spend time researching in preparing meals that are nutritious without spending too much money 
          11. Go over monthly budget to find other areas to save