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    Caregiving Elderly Parents

      My daughter and I moved from Minnesota, where I had a home and a great job, to South Florida because my parents wanted to stay in their home and not go to a nursing home.  My other family members wanted them to enter a facility in Minnesota, but they refused.  So we packed up and moved, and in no time at all, I got a job with a private University as a Marketing Manager.  Long story short, I had to quit my job in 2006 to care full time for my father, and since his death in 2008 have been unable to secure employment.  I am renting because my siblings forced the sale of my parents home, and the 1/3 I received is running out.  My daughter is still with me and works a full-time retail job, but that barely covers her gas.  I am going to be 60 yrs old in September, and my options are running out.  I have sent hundreds of resumes in all kinds of variations, am college educated, internet saavy, but my time caregiving does not seem to register as "work" in the Human Resources departments.  Help.