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    CalSTRS AND Social Security

      I'm a teacher who is a bit short of my 40 quarters to collect Social Security due to my teaching career, and having worked outside of the country. My retirement will come from CalSTRS. I understand there is an Offset for Social Security for teachers and other government employees, but I'm wondering if it would be worth doing whatever I need to do to get up to those 40 quarters. I did own a coffeehouse some years back and understand I could have put myself on the payroll.
      Any comments or suggestions?
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          You can find the percentages for the pension offset on the Social Security website, I believe. If C-STRS runs the same type of retirement planning classes that C-PERS does, they often have handouts showing the percentage calculations.

          DH gets his penson from CalPERS. He has 40 quarters and the Soc Sec offset is at the maximum since it's based on your pension income. He will only get 40% of the SS due him - a couple of hundred $$/month. It should just about pay his Medicare Part B when he's eligible!