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    How to find employment after 60

      I am 64 years of age; lost my job at 62; forced to collect early social security but it is not enough to live on; I had a great background in sales and now no one will even acknowledge the 100's resumes that I have sent out.........any suggestions?
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          Did a lot of that from 49 until 60 when I said enough and "retired". Also in between real jobs I did a lot of temp jobs like special censuses and national testing for the National Report Card. Some did substitute teaching which can bring in some money. There are "opportunities" but with nowhere near the same pay. I put all of it into Roth's for my spouse and me.

          I attended many, many job club meetings. That's a good place to practice your sales pitch and refine your resume and meet people. Are you networking? I had a problem with this even though I am a good talker. Everybody says that most jobs come from networking these days. Break the ice and start meeting people. Remember that every person you meet is NOT a job but an information source and the friend of a friend of a friend - it's very indirect.

          Good luck!

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            Don't give up. I was forced to retire d/t downsizing.  Found out I could collect Survival benefits at the age of 59yrs old which saved me. I am 64 now also and next month will be working almost one year but a PT position.  The P/T pays for my health insurance.  I was 62 when I was laid off and thought I would never find anything because of my age  and was starting to feel that was the main reason for not get hired. Just keep looking and keep positive.  There are jobs out there and people are getting hired. Maybe it is a bit of luck and being at the right place at the right time. Keep networking and let everyone know you are looking.
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                I spent considerable time researching the local market (Dallas) for my daughter & some buddies who were downsized. I'm still employed & also volunteer at Contact Crisis where they are willing to pay to work the night shift once you've had sufficient time on the phones. Besides volunteering opportunities, I find that hospitals, school systems, universities & local governments have a number of entry level type positions that could lead to higher paying positions. There are also sufficient opportunities at local retail & food service establishments though they are entry level positions & the work is physically demanding. The problem with school systems & local governments is that it may take considerable time to complete the hiring process so you have to be vigiliant in your efforts. You really have to be thick skinned & work your job search full-time in order to succeed. The problem with some of my buddies is that they carry medical problems (heart & cancer issues) & firms just don't want to take on the possibility that one of them will cost too much in medical costs.
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                • Having been in sales you must have a very large contact list of peers and customers. Have you been working them?
                • Tried LinedIn to establish contacts through common experiences and customers/employers?
                • Used FaceBook to look for friends or others in common organizations?
                • Contacted your university for networking possibilities there?
                • Mentioned to all your friends and people at church or other organizations that you are looking and what you want?
                • Written up and practiced your elevator speech?
                • Joined job clubs ( I found a contact in IL club that was in charge of billion dollar contracts with WalMart in AR)?
                • Here's a networking organization that costs like $75 to join that provides opportunity over the Internet to see what's happening and ask advice on companies and opportunities: www.grayhairmanagement.com.
                • From my job club days I know that there are some other higher priced organizations that provide leads for people in upper management and sales. Tried those?
                • Been reading your industry magazines and local newspapers/magazines looking for great opportunities and companies that you want to work at/on?
                • Researching the heck out of opportunities and companies on the Internet (incredible resource!) where you want to go and looking for names that you might contact?
                • Gone to the AARP web site to research companies that are friendly to older employees?
                • Spend at least 30 hours a week looking - much of it on the phone?
                PS: Just saw in your profile that you are in IL. GreyHairManagement is located on the North side of Chicago and also offers one-on-one job search tutoring for a (reasonable?) fee.
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                  Hello:  Yes, corporate America is rough on folks over 65 and even beginning to be rough on those over 50.  I'm unsure if you're looking for full time income but there is part-time work in product demonstrations/food sampling for major chains like COSTCO, Target, Walmart, etc. if you can stand for 4 to 5 hours.  The work is fairly simple and you only work on Saturdays and Sundays for this company.  See www.sunflowerstaffing.com for more information or www.cdjobs.com for COSTCO jobs.