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    Still working & collect Social Security

      I am still working and have decided to work an extra 2 years so my wife and I can retire at the same time. I am going to start getting my Social Security checks in December. I need to know where I should put my Social Security checks until we retire. Does anyone have any experience with collecting Social Security but still working? I have had people say to put it in savings, but will I have to pay tax on it? Some people say to put it in my IRA but is that an option? Could really use some help from people that have had this happen to them so I don't do the wrong thing. Thanks
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          Terry, you don't sat whether you are at full retirement age. If not, isn't there a limit on the amount that you can earn, and it isn't much,  before you start losing SS benefits? It doesn't sound like you need the SS money. Did you consider not taking SS and adding 2 more years to your age which results in higher SS benefits?