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    stock market/economic collapse


      Many of the financial blogs are predicting the collapse of the stock market within five years and, if government responds by printing more money, even perhaps hyper-inflation.  Question is what to do to protect self or is it hopeless?? Thanks for any insight!

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          I think they refer to them as "talking heads". They need to keep saying something scary to keep you listening to their advice.

          How long have you lived? Did the bad times eventually go away? I have been investing for close to 40 years and we're having one of the worst times in my life but it is slowly changing.

          I have found that nothing works the exact same way after each event. IMO, just keep flexible, educate yourself, stay conservative and do what it takes when you need to. When you get too old to keep this up either get the most trusted person you can find to help (never give up control).