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    Chicken Little??


      I have enjoyed reading the comments about the Roth IRAs. I too have done research on the subject but find my wife to be the best consultant of all. She has little knowledge of financial matters and I generally  "jump and convert" everything everytime I think the " sky is falling'. I don't give advise, just suggest that the "sky is not falling" and to move quickly at the advise of a financial planner could be very risky. I have a good planner and consider him a friend as well as a knowledgable professional; however, he doesn't make the final decision, we do. He also does not sell any investment products; I get what I pay for. Common sense is normally the best investment when making decision sucn as the Roth conversion. I have made financial decisions quickly in the past and most never seem to be what I thought them to be.

      Keeping with my earlier testimony, "I don't give financial advice", but at age 68, if I ain't figured it out by now, it's not gonna make a difference in five years (at least within my control).