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    health care funding


      I am 59 yo and plan to retire at 62. I think I s/b in fairly good financial shape EXCEPT for health care benefits. I guess I need to work part time to pay for this, or have my employer pay; then get to Medicare at 65.

      Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I'm not on this site often, so I would also appreciate you sending me an email w/any suggestions at


      thank you.

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          Hi Carl:

          I am 58 and am planning on retiring next year.  Yes health care will be an issue but I think I will be ok.  I am planning on meeting with a financial adviser and get his advice on how well I am set up.  Good luck with your plans.
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            CARL- Easier said than done. I have been self-insured for the past nine years and Obama's Health Reform did nothing in the near term for the self-insured or early retired. I wrote the White House during the reform process, and met with my local congressman regarding this huge oversight. I am even in touch now with the Congressman’s Washington liaison, who promised to take these issues to HHS. So far my small voice goes unheard. This is a HUGE problem and I am surprised that more self-insured and early retired have not come forward. Diane Sawyer of ABC NEWS did not respond either to my letter of concern and documented insurance information…This issue is my new pet peeve.

            Don't count on a part-time job to offer insurance, or dream of affordable health care next year, especially if you have a pre-existing condition. Early retirees must wait until 2014 for real change to occur in health care reform, and by then both of us will be eligible for Medicare. I also doubt if 2014 changes will stick, especially if Obama is no longer in office. Let's face it USA, the insurance industry has a chokehold on Congress. Perhaps through this post, we can rally more folks and make a real difference in Washington.