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    One-party Government


      What will a one-party Government mean to retirees?  It seems apparent that Sen.Obama will win the White House next week.  That means Obama, Pelosi, Reed, along with Frank and Dodd . . . all of one party.....will rule this country for the next four years.  Since I see that on the TIAA-CREF poll on this website shows 66% favor Obama, a discussion is pertinent at this time.  I hope that those who favor a one-party government will help me to understand what they expect the one party will accomplish in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.   Also, a healthy discussion of which of Sen. Obama's promises will he be able to fulfill, or do you think he will reneg on most of them? 

      Also, what direction do you think the Stock Market will go when/if Obama is elected?  I just read that Wall Streeters donated much more to Obama's campaign then to McCain's;  does anyone know why this is and what it means to the volatility of the stock market all this year of 2008? 

      Finally, for the 66% who favored Obama in this poll, what are your reasons as related to retirees, your children, your grandchildren, to our security, taxes, etc.  Thank you.

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          We just completed 6 years of a one-party rule of Republicans (2000-20060, and we have inherited the mess they made out of it - the highest budget deficit in history, an almost complete collapse of the banking system, etc. How could the Democrats possibly do any more harm?
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              We have never recovered from a Democrat party rule.  They are the party of big government and big spending and big taxation. 

              While I was certainly disappointed in the big spending of this administration, it was the Democrat party which was in control in the latter part of the administration.  They contributed much to the economic crisis.   They are even now continuing their pork barrel spending with enormous earmarks for useless projects.

              And this President elect believes in big government--spend, spend, spend--and it all comes out of our pockets.  

              He has promised tax cuts for 95% of the Americans.  Many of those Americans do not pay taxes.  And the 5% who are expected to support the other 95% will find ways out of an unfair situation.




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                  I want some of what you're smoking. GWB  & Rep, Inc were the most prolific and wasreful spenders in history. The Dems only had a majority for two years. Oh, but wait it was Bill's fault wasn't it.
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                      It wasn't Bill's fault. It began a lot longer before Bill. FDR started the idea that socialization was the answer -- even though he professed that Social Security should not go beyond 1960. Once the ball is rolling...
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                        And now Obama blames everything on Bush.  I am fed up with both parties and this concept that bigger government is better.  BHO's health care is a prime example of why we don't need or want big government.  It will be as efficient as the post office with the compassion of the IRS and cost us twice what it is worth.  It is time for change.  It is time to return to the America of the people and for the people not one of the elite class for a selected few.

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                            Well, I love Medicare and my wrap-around to Medicare.  Medicare's overhead is only a fraction of what purchased healthcare insurance operates at and its Director doesn't get the obscene salary and bonuses other healthcare insurer CEOs get.

                            When I travel to our home in rural Wisconsin from our North Shore of Chicago home, I hear all the stories of people layed off or fired from their jobs because of manufacturing downsizing and folks having zero healthcare.  These are not lazy people either - these are people working any job at all anywhere to make even the tiniest living. 

                            I recently heard a story about a married woman with two kids having discovered she has breast cancer.  Her husband is downsized and they have zero health insurance.  After much research among friends and family and other sources, they tracked down a charity hospital in Minnesota (they live in northern Wisconsin) and drove there to get her some help.  She wound up getting a mastectomy at that facility and then had to immediately drive back to northern Wisconsin.  I lost the story when she was told she had to have chemotherapy and radiation.  I don't know how she and her family handled that but it couldn't have been easy - or if she even got it at all.

                            What kind of a nation allows this to happen - a citizen living in America with no healthcare having to drive 400 miles to a charity hospital to have a mastectomy then drive home right after with zero care at home? How can we morally say this is ok?  Don't those of us most vulnerable deserve basic health care?  What has happened to compassion in this country?  Are we so divided politically, economically and culturally that we have lost our empathy for others?

                            I am all for a single payer healthcare system and think President Obama is doing a great job.  It was President Bush who inherited a surplus amount of money in the budget when he was elected then took us to a war in Iraq without any fiscal responsibility attached to it.  Then into Afghanistan which is another losing proposition.  It was Pres. Bush who increased the U.S. debt dramatically and it was Pres. Obama who inherited this mess, rolled up his sleeves and went to work to stabilize the financial markets so the country did not slide into a depression, and now is trying to provide health care coverage for all Americans rich or poor.

                            Imagine inheriting such a mess from a previous administration.  Just imagine it.  Put yourself in his shoes.  He doesn't whine.  He doesn't complain.  He just goes to work to solve problems.  We need to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and we also need to provide medical coverage for those who do not have it.  We are the only, and richest industrialized nation in the world, that doesn't provide health care, a basic need, for our citizens.  It is time we act like the civilized folks we are and do just that.
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                                I am a citizen of Illinois, home of BHO, and quite familiar with the one-party government.  The state is now on the brink of bankruptcy, our Chicago governor is now disgraced after trying to sell BHO’s senate seat, and we are looking at increases in fees and taxes at every corner.  We may need a one-party government but not this one.  Who is going to pay for all the new programs?  Our Democratic controlled administration is now looking at increasing the national debt ceiling from $12,000,000,000,000 to $13,500,000,000,000,000.  We must take control of our future and vote them all out.  Start out with honest Americans that are in if for us, not one in this for personal gain and glory.

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                                    Illinois isn't any different than it has always been.  It doesn't matter if we have a Republican or Democrat as Governor.  We do have terrific Senators - some of our Representatives are ok too.  Other states are struggling like Illinois is.  Chicago runs all right - the Daleys manage to keep things on track.  I remember other rmayors who were unable to run the city.

                                    As for the deficit - when Bush came into office he inherited a budget surplus from a Democratic President.  Because of Bush and Cheney's militarism, we went into not one, but two, wars.  The money for those wars was never appropriated and war was never declared by Congress.  Money was not accounted for and between the billions not accounted for in Iraq and Afghanistan and the unbridled greed of Wall St. President Obama found himself inheriting a mess he did not create.

                                    So far we have avoided a recession and are getting out of Iraq and we may even get a health care bill passed along with any number of other things President Obama and his team have done well considering the disaster Bush left him. 

                                    Where I live it is said there are two seasons: construction and appealing your property taxes...ours have just gotten so high for a variety of reasons, nothing to do with the State of Illinois or the Federal government and our own particular issues.  I think President Obama is doing a good job and he is clearly better than the previous administration. 
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                          I only read your post briefly, but it sounds like you are worried about money, economy and your investments. I worry about people because I have a strong faith and know that the rest of it will be handled by someone who's 'above my pay grade'. The reason I support Obama is that he is intelligent. He has a genuine desire to do what's right for our country. He may not make good on many or any of the financial promises he has made due to circumstances that he has inherited, but he will provide a new face for our country to the world. He will provide measured, well thought out responses to our international friends and enemies.

                          I understand that most of you here have finances on your mind, but remember that there are many more of us without the cushion and protection of money. We are concerned about the heart, not focusing on executive experience. Remember that some of  the most well regarded men and women featured in the bible, might not have been in your social realm, or enjoyed the educational opportunities that we've had, and yet we continue to look to those men and women as examples of the kind of lives we are taught to aspire to. No, I'm not worried only about my retirement fund. If we can leave a kinder, cleaner more loving world for my grandchildren, then I'll be content. I hope this helps you to understand what I'm hearing from most Obama supporters.

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                          Finally, for the 66% who favored Obama in this poll, what are your reasons as related to retirees, your children, your grandchildren, to our security, taxes, etc.