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    "Break-even" for Social Security

      I am soon to be 67 and still working.  I have heard that there is a "break even" point for collecting SSN, meaning that at some point continuing to work does not add enough to SSN payments to justify waiting.  I went on the SSN website, where I was told there was a site that would calculate that for you but I couldn't find that. Does anyone know anything about that?  
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          The soc sec web site has a "SSA Benefit Calculator" that you can download and run on your own PC.  It allows you to enter your entire earnings history and get a quote for your benefit amount based on that.  You can then try it with future earnings, without future earnings, and with different future earnings amounts to see what effect that would have on your SS benefit.   Once you have entered the earnings history, it is easy to try different scenarios.