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    Tax filing

      Hello, all.  The myretirement.org latest poll re: when members plan to file their taxes [before, on or after {with extension} April 15]
      has reminded me once again to actually sit down and do mine.  I am not necessarily a procrastinator, but each year I find that
      I have good intentions to get them done in January, then some major life events always preoccupy me shortly thereafter, and I
      finally realize that I haven't filed yet in mid-March [right about now].  This weekend, for sure.

      I am one of those who has not yet made use of programs like TurboTax , or e-filing.  Has anyone here had good [or bad]
      experiences filing their taxes online?  While I have no qualms re: purchasing goods online, have been doing so successfully
      for years, I still am a bit queasy about the prospect of sending my financial particulars via the internet.  How do you file yours,
      or do you have to file at all?

      Best wishes,
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          I use Turbo Tax every year. It's usually fine but you have to go over it carefully when finished because the program is prone to inserting something from a prior year, such as an old carry-over or a dependent who is no longer a dependent. It's great for the complicated math, like taxable SS.

          You can use it and print it out, sending in the print copy. Or you can  use it and then fill in a paper copy and send that in. You pay only when you print or file electronically.

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              Hello, ironkitten and thanks for your input re: TurboTax.  As it turned out in my case, I didn't
              sit down and complete my taxes in the middle of March, as my original email had predicted.
              Yet more distracting life events occurred which kept me away from them until the next-to-last
              day to file--April 14.

              I used the new 'free-file' option on the IRS website [the IRS website links to a contracted
              third-party organization].  I found it very easy to use and very quick to do.  The filing program
              offers a choice of free fillable IRS forms.

              I received confirmation that my filing had been successfully received by the contracted organization,
              and a day later I got an email from the IRS saying that they had preliminarily accepted my filing.
              I am scheduled to receive my modest refund via direct-deposit into my checking account around the
              28th of this month, much earlier than I would receive it had I filed via US mail.   I believe that the IRS
              is offering this option on a trail basis through about September of this year.  I hope they continue to
              offer it, as it was a really efficient and speedy way to file.

              The third-party site does not offer state income tax free-fillable forms filing, but I suspect that state
              revenue websites may now be offering these in many cases.

              One figure that is important to have in front of you in order to complete the IRS free-file filing
              is your adjusted gross income figure from the prior year; it is used to verify your identity.

              The program allows you to save and/or print the fillable forms and come back to finish them at a later
              date, should you need to retrieve some additional information.  You have the option to keep your
              forms in your password-protected secure account or delete them when finished.

              Best wishes,