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    Asking for the senior discount

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      Do you ask for the senior discount or let them ask you if you're eligible?  Share your "asking for the senior discount" story.
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          HI, Community Man, everyone.  I'm fairly champing at the bit to get my senior discounts--I signed up for a Seattle
          senior 'gold' card the day after my 60th birthday [this card provides discounts for several things, e.g. pet licenses].
          I can't wait to be eligible for a deeply-discounted bus pass [have to wait until I'm 65 for that--four more years to go].

          I take any discount I can.  Businesses, etc., in the UK offer many discounts starting at age 60 also.  I have taken
          advantage of film and theater tickets this way while visiting Edinburgh.

          I figure I ought to avail myself of these discounts before they all evaporate.  Being somewhat of a pessimist in this regard,
          I speculate that with so many of us baby boomers getting up there in age together, the idea of discounting us as seniors
          may no longer be deemed appropriate by retail establishments.

          I would be interested to read others' remarks here re: the senior discounts they are able to get in their areas.

          Best wishes, and  a happy holiday weekend to all,
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            I definitely ask for the senior discount!  My husband and I started asking as soon as he joined AARP at age 50.  It never hurts to ask.  Some restaurants say they have an age limit (seniors over 62, for example), but my experience is that if you ask for the discount, you get it.  Every penny saved counts!
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                Oh, yeah!  Lots of times I find that there is nothing posted about a discount, so we always ask!  For instance, Tully's does AAA or AARP (can't remember which) and Burger King does 10% for seniors in the Seattle area.  Oregon gives 50 cents off any beverage.  Many counter servers don't want to embarass themelves by guessing wrong about who qualifies, but they are happy to offer the discount if you bring it up first.
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                I ask all the time. I remember my first time because I was only 50+.
                I saw the sign saying "Senior Discount" and I asked "how senior is Senior?".
                The clerk gave me the discount without identification.