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    New purchases and acquisitions

      Hello, all.   I, who, even in the best of economic times, pride myself on my frugality, have just committed an act of possibly
      reckless [in these dire economic times] purchasing:  I've pre-ordered an about-to-be-released Sony Vaio series P netbook.

      I've been looking to replace my circa 1997 [yes, 1997] Toshiba laptop for, well, years now.  And before signing on to purchase
      this new-release Sony netbook, I did do my research...and I waited for two weeks before buying. So I guess I could convincingly
      pass this off as a non-impulse buy.  Or, even more boastfully, a patriotic/economy-boosting buy [Sony ships from a facility in
      New Jersey US].

      This purchase, in these times, got me curious as to whether others of you are making or postponing your major purchases.

      Also, has anyone here purchased something as a  'pre-order' [i.e., where the product is so new it has not yet been shipped to
      stores but will be shipped soon]?   This is the first time I've done this, and I hope that I don't encounter any disappointments/delays,
      etc.  It would be problematic, for example, if I received the  mouse and battery upgrade for this netbook, but not the netbook itself.   According to Sony I will not be charged for my purchase until it ships. 

      Anyone else experiencing mild buyers' fright after committing to a large purchase these days?

      Best wishes,