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    money and work


      Saturday, July 19, 2008

      Hi I am a new person to this site. I am 58 and not yet retired. I have 30 years teaching and no one will hire me to teach any more because they look at my age and shy away.  Of course, they do not openly admit this.  I tried leaving off my college grad date but CORI checks tell my age.

      Have not retired because I do not have enough years in one school system to retire. I live in the Boston, MA area. Anyone know an education jobs out there?


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          I do not know what grade level you've taught, but many opportunities abound teaching online.  I've done it at the jr. college level now for 6 years and love it; one can actually get to know students better in the online environment.  Online tutoring services, such as Smart Thinking also need teachers, so I do think the opportunities lie in cyberspace for those of us who, by dint of age, have wisdom and valuable experience.