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    Incorrect broker advice to senior


      After meeting with a financial advisor 3 years ago I requested a face to face meeting several times last year to redo my investments based on my age of 70 years. (Some of the funds were in aggressive accounts). He refused and it cost me about $8000 and locked me into a rider I don't need. Cannot find an attorney to advise me as to legal recourse to recoup losses. I would at least like to have an official claim registered against him. Any suggestions?


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          If you weren't comfortable with having a portion of your funds invested in aggressive accounts then why did you agree to have them put there in the first place?  Having some of you equities invested in aggressive funds is not uncommon even for people in your age group.  It all depends on you overall investment mix and risk tolerence for this particular investment.

          Further, if the market was at DOW 15000 would you be looking to file suit against him or would you be calling him to thank him when you got your last statement?