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    looking for opportunity

      I googled volunteering in guatemala and I got one expensive trip, 2,400.00/ wk and one at about 540/wk.  I am a newly retiring RN.
      I was hoping to find something inexpensive as I am worried about running out of money in the long run. I am also looking for costa rica or something just south of us.  Is there any volunteer opportunity in Alaska?
      Has anyone found a good group to help with?  anywhere??
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          I have similar interests and funds.  I've found a few websites that connect volunteers with free or low-cost volunteering opportunities. I have yet to try any of them.  I've been working more with Habitat for Humanity, but those trips are also costly (I got donations to cover the cost as a team member.  I then became a team leader.  Your trip costs are then covered, but you definitely earn it as a leader!  But Habitat Global Village trips are rewarding, interesting, and fun.  
          The websites I've found (so far) are listed below.  I did a quick search of some and found a number of interesting opportunities in Guatamala:

          Happy volunteering!