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      volunteering at retirement?
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          We volunteer at the local arts center which gives us access to events we probably would not attend. Have been doing for 3-4 years and enjoy it. We also work concessions to raise money for the skating club the grandkids are in. The nice and interesting  benefit of being a volunteer is meeting people in a similar situation.
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            When we retired to Charlotte, NC we found a city that is big on volunteering.  It was a good way for us to make friends, learn our way around, and use the energy we still have. 

             One rule was:  each of us had to find things to do on our own rather than always being together.  Then each of us had private time at home, something to discuss when we were together and each could pursue their own interest. 
            My husband works at a job training site helping with resumes, tutors English at the Latin American center and works with childrens' Special Olympics.   I do volunteer tax preparation, knit for the local hospital preemies, and work with our HOA board. 
            Together we work at the Salvation Army Christmas program and Classroom Central (school supplies to low income schools).  We also babysit our new granddaughter so her mother can work part-time. 
            Not only do we enjoy all  this work but an added benefit is - we save money because we are just too tired some days to shop!