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    Contact Crisis


      My wife & I are both in our early sixties & still work full-time but looked into volunteering & decided to attend the classes & volunteer at Contact Crisis, answering phone calls from folks who are just lonely to those who represent true suicide attempts. Handling crisis calls was not for my wife & she quit & became much more active volunteering at our church, but I've continued for three years at Contact. It involves a four hour shift every two weeks & it certainly has its moments. If you're looking for a challenging experience, I'd recommend giving it a try. It can be rewarding & draining at times.

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          My wife and I volunteer at the local hospital. We have 17 years doing this.

          We live about 3 miles from the baseball spring training site for the Seattle Mariners and the San Diego Padres and we have our 15 years of volunteering during March of each year.

          I have been doing income tax preparation for AARP during tax season for 12 years.

          All of these efforts keep us young at heart and a great feeling of giving back to the community.