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    Volunteer ideas

      I am only in my 60s but hope to continue to volunteer for a very long time.  Animal shelters are always in need of volunteers - cat care, cat socialization, dog walking/training, working with potential adopters, etc.  Libraries also need volunteers, especially with all the funding cuts over the past several years.  Some jobs are more physically demanding - reshelving books, etc.  But it's great exercise.  There are also many sedentary jobs that require no special skills but the willingness to learn and to help.  Libraries also have summer reading programs for kids and can almost always use volunteers to help with those.  And fundraising activities are ongoing.  If you live in a metropolitan area, there are usually many libraries in the county - you are not limited to just your local library.  Get involved!  You'd be surprised how rewarding library work is and what friendly places they are.