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    Looking for leads on Tech support

      I recently retired from many years of computer programming in the area of web applications.  I am currently exploring the notion of creating a service to provide assistance to local charities through software resources to enhance their work.  From my  experience so far, many are struggling with very primitive technologies or none at all.

      Some potential examples of what I mean...

      Wed scheduling sites to help coordinate volunteers.
      Web site to help connect in-kind donors to the charity that most needs that type of item.
      Web site to facilitate member management and communications
      Web site to facilitate child sponsorship for a locally-supported African orphanage  (I just completed this one).

      These are NOT money-making ventures but ways to use what I know to help local groups.  At the same time I'm very concerned about sustainability -- how to keep such tools working smoothly when I decide to take a month off or, heaven forbid, when I get too old to maintain them properly.

      My question:   Do you know of other similar groups or individuals in your area?   What has worked long term so that the apps survive after the day comes when I'm too old to maintain them?  

      I'm curious to know what others have seen and done before I try to re-invent the wheel.

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          Sounds like a great idea! Why don't you do some research by contacting various organizations about what they use or might need? Are there any college programs that could do such a research project for you? I know the technical university that I went to has multi-year projects for credit that try to create a new company to address needs. Maybe you could tie into something similar and get the research AND even some development done.

          Back in my IT days, I worked with consultants at our company that got their start doing bowling league systems in CA. All of the guys were actually out of the aerospace industry. They also did medical/dental office systems. Just recently found the same company I worked with decades ago listed on a major stock exchange and now they are quite large in the medical system field. I wonder what happened to the bowling league division. Sounds like they found an unserved need like you may have done.