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    CareBrigade web site


      In my retirement, I created a web site for people facing short-term recovery periods after surgery and/or chemo/radiation.   It is called  www.CareBrigade.com   It can be especially helpful for those folks if they live alone, or are themselves the caregiver for a disabled spouse or partner, or for the newly diagnosed Patient's  family and friends at a distance who cannot take 6-8 weeks off to support their parents, siblings, or friends through their at-home recovery.

       Use the Web site link to create a conversation with your friend about a role you could play supporting them (you can begin the process at a distance -using email and phone.)   Also send the link out to anyone you know facing such issues or anyone who has a web site listing resources for those folks...  Currently there is no source of funding for the site.  if you have an idea for a funding source (foundation, partner, etc...) please send it to me at florence@carebrigade.com