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    Required Service

      Volunteering & Social Service. What a great way for exiting College/University Grads to gain that required experience out in the real job market. Some way, some how, we have all heard in our life time the comment from an employer -Great resume, Great school background; but no experience. Unfortunately Industry, Business and Governament adopt that chain of no experience. Yet we hear daily the cry of employment is down, that there are no jobs out there.

      So why do we not become smart. Why doesn't GVT partner with institutions of higher learning and recruit students for the Peace Corp, Job Corps, intern foreign service??? We, the US pump billions of dollars overseas, why not position with those dollars graduates that can help those countries manage the dollars we throw them.  What a win- win!  It is one thing to teach theory in the classroom, but hands on experience is learning for ever. Street smarts can pay large dividends for everybody.

      jjb/online and classroom instructor/retired mil..