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    Old and Active

      I am eager to make the years beyond 80 active and useful.  Old age can be a time to relax and enjpy life.  Paid my dues now I can play golf.  But I think about the experience and talents of Old Ones and they ought to be used.  Making a contribution to the world ought not stop at 80. 

      First of all I would like to see all Old Ones connected to the outside world electronically.  Everyone ought to have a computer and email regardless of age.

      Second physical disability ought not prevent Old Ones from continuing to make a contribution to society.

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          I find my own mind set to be the biggest block to doing something meaningful.  Staying connected with those of a like mind help...yet we are usually isolated in older age with others of similar age but not the same mind set.  The caregivers often have no vision for their life or may be depressed so they inadvertently pass that view on to those they serve.

          I am not sure social activism is my thing.  I like to listen to people one on one and also to teach skills that may help them get a job or a better one.

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              Although I continue to check out various opportunities, the reality is that once in the seventies it's hard to make a case for keeping younger folk from those scarce paying jobs that hopefully still exist still exist in our economy. So volunteering -- helping others progress and/or succeed -- has become a rewarding pastime. Many seniors may surprise themselves with the appreciation they receive from others who value hard-won experience and perspectives. Currently, serving as an ESL literacy volunteer helping foreign-born man with five kids and a full-time night warehouse job fills the bill. He's already gained citizen status and now is working on his GED.  My wife and I also hope to find a niche with the many interesting older volunteers who serve in a wide variety of roles at a local hospital.  My advice: For those feeling at sea from the sidelines of a paid position, avoid coming to "full stop." Leverage your special talents by mentoring or otherwise finding ways to serve others. The personal rewards will surprise you. As Red Green says, "Keep your stick on the ice."  
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                  Hillsider said...

                            ... As Red Green says, "Keep your stick on the ice."        

                  I second the volunteer motion. I am not the volunteer or arts type but a suggestion to the spouse about helping at a nearby arts center has been very rewarding with meeting new people and seeing new things.

                  Ya kind of floored me with the Red Green quote. I had to check out your profile for an explanation. Ya , hey! We were raised in  the UP North of WI.
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                      Ya, 25 years living just a bit southwesat from Yooperland. Also close to Canada during long-ago lives in No. Ohio, Minnesota, Minnesota and Washington State. Hey, those Canadians have a lot of "wisdom." You bet. JAS