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    Save lives in  India

      In a world survey of travel destinations Udaipur, Rajasthan was recently rated the number one destination.  So, come and visit Udaipur and while you are here visit Udaipur's only animal rescue shelter and hospital, Animal Aid Hospital. 

      Over 300 animal professionals and lay persons have volunteered at our hospital just a short rickshaw ride from the city.

      In this fascinating Indian city there was no animal rescue/treatment program for street animals until Animal Aid started its program in 2003.  To date nearly 25,000 street animals have been treated. 

      Polly, a retired English lady is leaving her husband to his golf for two weeks to volunteer (for the third time!) at our hospital.

      You too can participate in this gratifying work.

      For more information go to: www.animalaidunlimited.com