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    Perks of volunteering

      Hello, all.  Well, our economic downturn has had me reluctant to discuss volunteering
      lately, as I imagine many of us are preoccupied more with paid work and shrinking incomes.

      However, a friend asked me this morning to describe what perks might be available when
      volunteering at our local art museum [Seattle] [I am a volunteer there].  This is indeed
      something to consider when thinking about volunteering ones time for a worthy cause:
      e.g., at the museum, I never will have to pay admission [typically $13 a pop, slightly
      discounted for seniors], I get 15% discounts on purchases I make at the gift shop [30%
      for a month around Christmas time] and restaurant, I get occasional freebie guest passes
      to treat friends, I get discounts at other stores & events in the community, and I get a free
      cup of coffee or tea each time I volunteer.

      Does anyone else here who volunteers [wherever] care to share the perks available to them?
      In my case the free admission and freebie guest passes are fun cost-savers for me.

      Best wishes,