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    international volunteering

      Hi everyone--
      Just signed up today--still unsure how far away retirement is for me but I for the last 3 years I have been taking university students on a service-learning course trip to Belize.  This is something I would like to continue into retirement and perhaps stay longer myself after the students go home.  Anyone doing something similar?
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          Hello, rockamecook, and thanks for posting of your service-training endeavors with students traveling to Belize.
          This sounds fascinating, and while I haven't done anything similar, I'm curious to know  how you got started.
          Is this travel to Belize part of a larger course taught by yourself?  How many students have you overseen and
          how many on average each  year?  Do students need a knowledge of Spanish, or can they get by with English

          I would imagine that you have gained a lot of group travel coordination experience.  Perhaps when you retire you
          can earn a bit of extra income by helping independent, senior students learn service skills applicable to Belize.
          What types/areas of service are your students learning?

          Best wishes,
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            I just joined this group tonight and saw your posting.  Partners of the Americas is a wonderful way to volunteer in the Caribbean, Central and South American countries.  Belize is a partner to Michigan, and I have worked with several organizations in that beautiful country.  Check out Partners (www.partners.net) and attend the November conference in D.C.
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                Thanks for the information regarding Partners of the Amereicas.  I am currently developing a graduate class in International and Community Nutrition and am looking for contacts.  I also want to retire in 4 years and do volunteer work in Mexico and/or Central America.  I am hopeful they can help me out in both cases.  I have written them and look forward to their reply.  Have you attended their conference?  Would this be something you think would be beneficial for someone like me?