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    What mission inspired  you to volunteer?

      Hello, all.   For those of you already volunteering or considering volunteering for a specific organization, was it the mission of the organization that inspired you?  Or do you appreciate the perks offered to volunteers there?  Or both?

      In my case, in past volunteer positions with a local food bank I was inspired to use my Russian language skills to help
      Ukrainian refugees; I also volunteered with the 1990 Goodwill Games held in Seattle so that I could use my Russian skills to assist Russian-speaking performers and visitors.  While there were no perks associated with the former volunteer position, I was able
      to watch performances of the Bolshoi Ballet and other events as a volunteer at the Goodwill Games.

      I was inspired to help low-income seniors in my community when I volunteered to help with a monthly pancake breakfast for seniors at my local community center.  The perk there was a free pancake breakfast for myself.

      I was inspired by the mission of a consortium consisting  of the Seattle City Parks department, Humane Society of the US, and the Lynnwood, Washington Progressive Animal Welfare Society [PAWS] to honor and extend their moratorium on culling Canada Geese because geese are not toilet-trained.   This position was truly altruistic, no perks on offer, as my sole duty was to clean up goose guano so as to promote better tolerance for these animals by city park visitors.

      I am currently inspired by the mission of the Seattle Art Museum, to make art accessible to the public, to celebrate the unique visions of artists, and to provide educational opportunities for visiting primary, secondary and high school students, as well as for the college art majors interning there.   While I do receive great discounts on gift shop  or museum restaurant purchases, and while I can always visit the museum gratis as a volunteer, the real perk is intangible:  I get to be in the presence of great art every week for three hours.

      What has inspired or might inspire you?

      Best wishes,