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    short-term volunteering & socializing

      Hello, all.   I just found a volunteer organization that specializes in assisting the volunteer projects of other
      non-profit organizations  with short-term, 'temporary,' volunteers who are willing to work  3-4  hours on a project.

      The organization, OneBrick.org  [the name, I assume, refers to accomplishing good community goals
      one-brick-at-a-time] describes its activities as follows:

      "One Brick...brings volunteers together to support other local non-profit organizations by adopting an innovative twist
      to the volunteer experience: we create a friendly and social atmosphere around volunteering, and after each volunteer event
      -- which typically lasts only 3 to 4 hours -- we invite volunteers to gather at a local restaurant or café where they can get to
      know one another in a relaxed social setting. Through our volunteer projects, we provide non-profits with the much-needed
      labor to carry out their visions. At the same time we also foster an environment in which to meet new people, both socially
      and professionally."

      Their website is located at:      : http://www.onebrick.org/

      The regions they currently operate in are:  San Francisco Bay area
                                                                          New York City
                                                                          Washington, DC

      They will be expanding to other areas soon.

      This sounds to me to also be an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to commit to a longer-term volunteer slot,
      but doesn't have a clear idea of what he/she wants to do, to discover more about likes/dislikes and what is interesting,
      what he/she is passionate about, etc.

      Best wishes,