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    Habitat for Humanity,skills acquired

      Hello, all.  I am curious about volunteer experiences with Habitat for Humanity.   It occurs to me that were I to volunteer with this organizaton I could acquire some carpentry and simple plumbing, electrical skills.  Has anyone here volunteered with Habitat...?
      They most likely prefer volunteers with experience in this area, so perhaps there is no place there for a total mechanical novice
      such as myself.   I will look into it.

      I wish I had taken shop classes in high school, as now I own a home and could, if I knew a bit about it, make simple home repairs myself rather than facing another contractor search.   When I was in high school girls didn't have the option of taking shop--I believe that happened three to five years later.  I would certainly trade knowing how to make Waldorf salad [from Home Economics class] for knowing how to repair a light switch or install moulding!  [To this day I hate Waldorf salad.]

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