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    NYTimes article: Healthcare Abroad (to reside outside the US)


      I know many folks are thinking about retiring abroad, so I thought this article might be helpful. NYTimes allows a very limited # of free articles per month on their website:

      The Dream of Moving Abroad in Later Life, With Good Health Care

      NY Times February 18, 2014

      (Full article: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/22/your-money/the-dream-of-retiring-abroad-with-good-health-care.html?ref=business&_r=0)  


      (Excerpt)....FOR the well-traveled, the idea of retirement abroad can seem an idyll. You pick a place you’ve loved visiting, whether it’s the thrumming avenues of Paris or the sunny strands of Panama, and jet off for the perfect permanent vacation.


      But the fantasy can become less carefree if you haven’t figured out in advance what to do about health insurance. The best policies, those offering the broadest coverage and giving access to the best hospitals, can be jarringly costly. More affordable alternatives can come with exceptions that may surprise people accustomed to the comprehensive coverage offered through many United States employers. Many countries offer high-quality care — France is a prominent example — but retirees won’t be able to access it without insurance or paying out of pocket. And in almost all cases, Medicare doesn’t pay for health care provided outside of the United States.


      “Health insurance really is a primary consideration when retiring overseas,” said Brendan Sharkey, director of individual products for HTH, which sells and administers GeoBlue international health insurance. “People may want sunshine and affordable living, but they’ll also want to make sure they’ll be covered adequately.” That means not just buying a policy, but also assessing the quality of health care in the country where they plan to settle.