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    Fun, safe places to travel

      Any good ideas about safe fun place to travel? 
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          what do you consider fun? i consider scuba diving-anything ocean related (except fishing)- fun but do you? so for me fun safe places are hawaii, most caribbean island, belize, costa rica.  good luck in your quest.
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              Scuba is great!  I suggest a live-a-board. They do all the lifting of tanks, weights, BC's, etc. and you don't have to drag all your gear back to your hotel. The live-a-board is your hotel. The food is great and a small group allows for making new friends. You wake up, eat breakfast, put your gear on, get a dive briefing, on go.  You can dive 5 times/day if your body is up to it, and there are always dive master's from whom you can take add'l lessons.  Some live-board locations include Bahamas, Turks/Caicos, St. Kitt's, Cayman's, Australia, Seychelles, and new ones in the Indian Ocean.  The feeling of safety and great service can't be beat. Plus your captain can take you to places that are not over used.
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              If you are talking about domestic travel, my wife and I just got back from Natchez, MS.  We traveled the Natchez Trace Parkway, went to Vicksburg.  It was a nice respite from the northern winter.