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    Going to Denver

      I am moving to Denver .I lived there this past year for almost 6 months .I went to help my daughter who was pregnant .. We were blessed with Matilda , now 4 months old and myself , with lots of friends and opportunities for new beginnings ..
      I am doing this in stages ..  Any recommendations .. ?
      I also want to downsize .. My present home in Silver Spring , MDis too big for me .. It also is holding value and I plan to use it for the move ..RENT OR SELL ..
      I am excited and motivated ..TIAA_CREF has a headquarters there ¡¡ yeah.
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          Be prepared for moderately cold winters--typically not much snow in Denver itself.   Summers are nice.  This is definitely an outdoors/recreational city as I currently live in Denver and have since 1994.  My patio provides a sunset view of the mountains 365 dys/yr--that's one reason I love it.  But the winters are too cold for me so we bought a retirement home in Puerto Vallarta for the winters and will live in Denver in summers--shoulder seasons we may travel & visit family.  If you get a pension, Colorado does provide a state tax credit which is nice.  There is very good health care throughout Denver and miles worth of biking/hiking trails throughout most of the city.  Its an easy place to get around but you'll probably find you'll need a car.  There are more & more retirement communities popping up but too many of them aren't in Denver but located miles away out in the burbs which isn't optimal depending on what types of activities you want to be involved with--we like to go to theatre downtown & all the museums, most of which are also downtown Denver.  We live in a gated community with small backyards & are about 20 minutes from downtown.  HOA takes care of all common areas, snow removal & is very well managed with a healthy reserve.  We have a clubhouse and monthly community get-togethers, plus a fitness center, exercise classes and 60-acre lake in a complex across the street--all part of our HOA fees.  You might consider something like this--I'm a child of the earth as I grew up on a farm so I like a little bit of yard but not too much to manage.  But I also like my fitness center 5 minutes from my house & the ability to walk, bike, rollerblade, etc., 1.5 miles around the lake.  Depends on where your grandchild lives and how close you really want to be to them to still respect their privacy but also be able to help out if they want you closely involved in their lives.  There are many wonderful older neighborhoods as well--lots of variables affect all of us when we consider a major move.  I would suggest determining what are the most important things to you in location and then do lots of research.  As is the case everywhere now, there are many homes for sale so there is no rush to buy anything--I would rent for a while to gain a sense of the city, how much your family wants you involved in their lives, check out all the best neighborhoods and maybe wait a year before you decide to buy--also experience all the seasons.  It is very dry here because we are semi-arid at a mile high so our skin is always dry and you have to use lots of sunblock to protect your skin, but it is sunny 300 dys of the year which is fabulous--just like Puerto Vallarta.  Good luck.
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              Thanks Linda ¡
              How terrificand kind of you to pass your wisdom along to me , at this time of tremendous change . I honor and appreciate your effort . Gracias ¡

              At this moment , I am in Silver Spring , MD where my house is located . this winter here has been harsh and very cold , nasty , in other words ... the last storm left us powerless under the ice .. No fun . At those times I;d rather be in South America ¡¡
              I already spoke to the realtor and the house will go to the mkt in April . I plan to return to Denver nolater than mid March .

              Your advice about life in MHC is awesome and I welcome it .
              I want to be near my family and I want space for them and for me to live my life .. I like Capitol Hill area and I also like what you said about community life . I don;t want to be far from Matilda  ( 5 mons.old) b/c that defeats the purpose of helping them ...I agree .I dont have to rush into anything ..and i can rent for a year ..If necessary .

              I lived in Denver form 7/10/10 to 12/27/10 and i fell in love with MHC.. I also got my license to practice acupuncture and I practice taichi and tango .. I haven't made it to the mountains yet , and that is next .. I was born in the mountains of South America ..
              Denver welcomed me and I am not going to pass that opportunity ..

              I do treasure your advice .

              Gracias !!
              maria mercedes bejarano