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      I've lived and worked in Britain in the past and plan on retiring there. My British husband is still over there and it looks as if that will be the best place for us, as he has fairly serious health issues. I am in the process of working out how social security and pension payments get transferred and where taxation fits in. I know I will have to keep filing US taxes and probably state tax as well. I am a dual US/Irish citizen so right of abode should not be a problem (I hope).
      If anyone has had experience or are planning on a similar move in retirement, would love to discuss the procedures.
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          I second that, Yorkscat! I have dual US/UK citizenship, and would like to retire in England--I know the rules have changed since I first planned to live there permanently about 12 years ago, and would also love to hear from someone who's done it and knows the logistics of moving some household things (I'm not selling my books!) and pets and so on. At least the dogs wouldn't have to spend six months in quarantine in God's country, now (they would have, then). I have family there, so finding a home should be less problematic than it might otherwise be. I want to be within reasonable traveling distance of London (research) and Cheltenham/Lincolnshire (family). If I can manage it, I'd love to have a small flat in the city, and a small house in the Cotswolds or in Yorkshire, but I'm open to suggestions; I'm hoping to resume my teaching career there, too.