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    Virginia?North Carolina

      Anyone have thoughts on relocating from the midwest to north carolina or virginia?   I have a need to be somewhat near the water and have to access to golf when I retire
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          There is no substitute for extended visits to the areas you are considering. What suits one person may not suit you. Visit at different times of the year, rent or sublet in different areas to check them out. I have friends in NC and they love those mountains, even though they're always jazzed to visit the coast here and see the Pacific.

          When considering relocation, it's always best to go slowly and thoughtfully. Several retired couples we know made quick decisions on downsizing, thought the numbers worked, moved away but then found it much harder than they thought it would be, to be in a totally different area with its own local culture and traditions.

          Good luck! They are both beautiful areas to live in.

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            Having lived in northern VA for 20+ years before retiring, I can say with some authority that it's a wonderful place to live!  What I like dmost (besides the trees and rolling hills) is the easy access to history and "culture" - civil war battlefields abound, there's the Smoky Mountains, Washington, D.C. with all it's museums/etc., and then the ocean is only a 3 hours drive, and New York City is 4.5 hours, Philly about 3.  From NC, you'll have to add 4-5 hours to the above.  But I have to say, jkom51's adivce is "right on."  I would add a couple of additonal thoughts: 1) if you have children/grandchildren, how far away from them do you want to be?  If your desire it to be a "part of their life," be sure to take access to where they live into accocunt;  2)  Since you live in the midwest, I assume your accustomed to "grey winter months", if not, VA & NC are probably not for you; 3) as a fellow golfer, remember, in VA & NC you'll be limited in the number of months you can play - if golf is primary consideration, I suggest you look further south; and last but not least, 4) think about making new friends and what happens if my wife or I are alone - who will be around to help -- in other words, don't rule out looking at 55+ communities.