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    "Adventure Travel"


      My wife and I, active seniors, enjoy adventure vacations, especially in the Caribbean. We've been to C.Rica, P.Rico, Mexico and recently with Islands Expedition in Belize (Kayaking, snorkeling). We prefer a base for accommodations and then "day trips," e.g. white water rafting, snorkeling, hiking.

      Would like to exchange information about places to go.

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          My husband and I also like to travel, though my husband is no longer quite as active. We have been to Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico, and Honduras (Anthony's Key Resort) together. We have always wanted to go to Belize, so I would be interested in learning more about that.

          I taught a class in Senegal, West Africa and my husband came along. We both loved that trip. I also went to South Africa with my daughter, where we spent some time in Capetown and some on a safari. These were both wonderful experiences.

          In addition to active vacations, I love to learn. I have very much enjoyed trips with students to China and Prague, and am about to go to a conference in Bangladesh.

          I would be happy to share information about any of the places I have been, and would love to hear more about Belize.

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              We were in Belize this winter. It's an interesting Central American town. The squalor was disheartening but the Mayan ruins were terrific.



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                Belize is very expensive as they must import virtually everything. There are two categories of travel interest in Belize (IMHO): The offshore islands/reefs/diving/water/beach experience, and the historical travel, especially Mayan ruins (e.g., Caracol and Laminai). The latter is what we did as part of our "Maya experience" travels in Honduras (Copan), Guatamala (Tikal), Mexico (a dozen Mayan sites in the Yucatan and Palenque in Chiapis). We highly recommend the historical travel but otherwise Belize was not noteworthy for us (we did not opt for the world-class diving experience).

                We share your (apparent) love of "educational travel"; to be immersed in other current cultures and to marvel at evidence of ancient cultures. In addition to the places you mentioned, which we agree are wonderful, consider Viet Nam/Cambodia (Angkor Wat complex), Egypt/Jordan (Petra), Peru(especially Machu Pichu)/Galapagos, Greece, South Pacific (aside from the over-commercialized Tahiti), New Zealand, and you didn't mention western Europe (perhaps you've been there already): Italy/France/Spain, etc.

                Ah, I get excited as the memories flood back. Anyway, I hope you take as many off your bucket list as possible before health or "the bucket" stop you. Good luck.


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                    I have been to Belize several times and recommend it, especially for snorkeling and diving from the cayes. I preferred Caye Caulker altho Ambergris is the more upscale one. I also (in a friend"s kayak) traveled down a river through the jungle and it was a memorable experience. We saw families of monkeys and exquisitely colored birds. Try it!