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    Retirement in Southern California


      My wife and I are retiring in March of 2011. We have lived in Ohio for over thirty years and have raised our kids here in the Greater Cleveland area. We are very much interested in living our retirement years in California. We have visited Southern California many times but just as tourists or  visiting a few friend a relatives but we do not have a clear idea as what areas in the Southern California will be most desirable for retirement living: economy, cost of living and housing, medical facilities, and most of all the safety and security of the area.

      We will greatly appreciate any information and input.


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          Cleveland is a very cheap place to live. Most of Southern CA is VERY EXPENSIVE.

          But if you are willing to live in Riverside County, where the highest rate of foreclosed homes are, go for it!

          Try renting for a winter in an area you like before leaving Cleveland.  My cousin is hoping to move from Cleveland to Loma Linda without too much of an expense transition.

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              My husband and I live in Vermont - beautiful in spring, summeer and fall, but brutlin winter at our age. We have time shares in Palm Desert CA and escape there for the month of January. It is a wonderful place, lot of cultural opportunities, more golf than anyone could need, great movies restaurants, theatre, and what a wonderful climate. I have a college classmate who is a top realtor ion the area, with more foreclosures than you could believe, so here is plenty of opportunity. Lot it over in January-Feb. when rentals and resorts are less expensive. Let me know if I can help.
              Carol from Vermont
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              I live in southern California. I live in a city called Mission Viejo and it is a great place to live.  It is an area called South Orange County. I live right in the middle between Los Angeles and San Diego. They are both an hour from me. I must brag that the weather is great year round. The evenings are cool and the days are warm. Our winters are about 65 to 70 during the day and about 50 degrees at night.  There are lots of activities for seniors in the area as there are quite a frew senior centers in the area.  I would suggest you to look up the following cities in the area: Laguna Woods, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, Irvine, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente and of course, Mission Viejo.

              The beach is real close to the area, beautiful trees and scenery, plenty of arts and entertainment, and great medical facilities. The down side is that it is expensive. California taxes are high. Housing can be expensive as well, but there are good deals to be found. Traffic is bad on the freeways, but you have to know when to travel.

              Oceanside, CA is also a nice spot if you are concerned about prices for housing. You can find some more affordable properties there. I would not advise Riverside only because it gets really, really hot there.

              I will answer more questions if you would like.