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    Ferry cruising??


      Since I do not think Holland America will ever be in my budget.....is there a less expensive way? Seems as if I heard once of  folks camping on a ferry???  Any ideas on less expensive cruises ( Alaska or ???) is welcome. Thanks in advance!

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          If you google Alaska Marine highway, it takes you to the information about the ferry system.  From what I read they follow the route of the cruise ships, you can get off, stay for a few days and then get the next ferry. you can also book a cabin.  I always wanted to do it but my wife is not the adventurous type.  good luck
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            The absolute best way to see Alaska is with the Alaska Ferry - officially the Alaska Marine Highway System.  The majority of pricey cruiseships take the same route through the Inside Passage, but the cruisers never get the feel of the real Alaska.  Get on board in Bellingham, WA and take your time winding through the beautiful communities in Southeast - Ketchikan, Sitka, Juneau, Haines, Skagway.  You can get a pass which allows you to stop in any of the communities and stay for a bit - you're retired and this is what travel is all about.  We all speak English, use U.S. money and welcome with open arms people who want to experience the real Alaska.
            I moved here at the age of 52 - for no other reason than it is phenomenally beautiful and interminably interesting. 
            A couple of websites that might prove helpful: 
            Ferry system:  www.dot.state.ak.us/amhs/index.shtml
            Southeast Alaska communities:  www.alaskainfo.org

            You'll have fun I'm sure!

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                An aside re traveling on the AK ferry: If you are interested in using the AK ferry for something a bit more offbeat, consider the fact that AK has ocean-going ferries that 3 or 4 times during the summer go between Homer and Dutch Harbor located about half way out the Aleutians. The trip stops in Kodiak, Cold Bay and at a variety of very small "towns" scattered along the chain. The purpose of the trip is not to haul tourists but to transport people to and from the canneries located there. Taking this trip gives you a chance to see a fascinating corner of AK visited by very few people. The Aleutians are stunning. One big smoking volcano after another.

                To do this trip, it is best to reserve a cabin unless you want to set up a tent and sleep on the deck. You can leave your car in Homer as the locals offer short tours at several of the stops. Besides what would you do with a car out there. There is a cafeteria on the ship; the food is fine but not fancy. It is also possible to take the ferry to  Dutch and fly back to Anchorage but then you would have the problem of getting back to Homer to pick up your car. It may also be possible to start the trip at Seward (can't remember). As I recall the Homer to Dutch to Homer run takes about 4 days.

                Have fun.

                Willy Weeks