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    Resettling in Germany or France

      How about resettling to a country like France or Germany if you or your compainion/spouse has roots and rights there?  Explore the new/old culture, sample a different sliceof life, a different way of doing care, eating, living???
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          Both are expensive but fun.  They have a growing boomer group and not enough younger workers to support their great retirement and health coverage.  It will become critical in a few years.  There are many parts that are reasonable.  Also, transportation is great.  Using bikes and walking with a metro or train are all healthy and commonly used.
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            My choice is Germany. I spent 2 years there in the 60s, plus we toured in 2007, it is wonderful. If you like a clean, well-thoughtout country it is Germany. Love the manly food--wurst. Great transportation, scenery, entertainment, history, etc. Check out "ex-patriot" websites for overseas communities in which to live.
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              Did you consider your tax situation?  Are social security benefits taxed in France or Germany?  Do those countries have traties with US to avoid double taxation?  Me and my wife have Polish roots and can easly go back to Poland, but they tax your SS.  I think I can balace it with Foreign Tax Credit on my tax return here in US.  What your take on this?

              Does anybody have real life experience how it works?

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                  I am interest in France.  Has anyone had any experience living there?  Jannet
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                      Hi, Jannet.  I lived in France for a year, as a student,
                      in the late sixties.

                      Have you spent time in France yourself?  Do you speak French? 

                      Knowledge of the language in my view is the most important
                      asset to bring with you should you decide to move there.  It's not
                      realistic to expect life to be easy on a  day-to-day level with no
                      French language skills.

                      I would also suggest that, before taking the final plunge and moving
                      there permanently, you give living in France a trial period.  Live there
                      for six months, and see how you like it.

                      What interests you about living in France [or Germany]?  I confess
                      to occasionally toying with the idea of moving to France.  In my
                      case it's that I know I would love the challenge of honing my French
                      language skills, and blending into a much different culture.  That intrigues
                      me; i.e., I  like language and culture challenges.  Also, I would be curious
                      to know how living there as a senior [I am 62] in the 21st century differs
                      from having lived there as a young adult in the tumultuous sixties.

                      Hopefully you will hear from others here re: Germany.

                      Best wishes,
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                          Hi--I've lived in Peru, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Dutch Antilles, Guyana, Argentina and France. I loved France, although my French was limited; for some peculiar reason, I seem to be wired for Spanish, but my friends and colleagues were all helpful--not at all what you hear about how unfriendly they might be.

                          I got along well  everywhere, mostly by smiling and attempting the language and being observant in re customs (especially in small indiginous groups and most of Asia;).

                          If I couldn't live back in Sainte or or Haut de Cagnes in France, I'd live in Cosqo, Peru. Or maybe Uruguay--I loved Montevideo.

                          I can't handle the right-hand driving thing, so Japan and UK are not on my list of places to live...although I've enjoyed visiting Bath, Bristol, and Manchester (I rode around with my eyes half-closed). The best thing about Tokyo is the sign for lost luggage; way too crowded.

                          I've done my time living in NYC, don't like California much, Hawaii is lovely but more humid than I like, so I stick to the Caribbean. Puerto Rico es rico de veras, beautiful beaches to the east--Fajardo, around to Ponce in the south. The northcentral to northeastern part of the Dominican Republic is good for inexpensive beach life (or at least was, last I looked).

                          Cosqo (more familiarly, Cusco) is where my heart is--I love the little villages around, and while some of my favorites like Pisac have been discovered and lost their charm under tourist invasions, as far as I know Siquani is still a quiet little place. Urubamba is overrun so I sold my little place last year.

                          In the end:  Go wherever your heart takes you, give it a try, relax and learn and enjoy!